U.S. Army Major General (Ret.) Kurt Stein joins Uptake as Advisor

Bringing four decades of military and private sector logistics expertise to Uptake, Major General Kurt Stein joins in the effort to support operational readiness for the U.S. Military

CHICAGO, IL — August 26, 2020 Uptake announced today the appointment of U.S. Army Major General (Ret.) Kurt Stein as an advisor. The addition of General Stein comes as Uptake deepens its engagement with the U.S. Military, having already been deployed in the field with the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army for predictive maintenance and asset health monitoring of their M88 Recovery and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

“We’re honored to gain the expertise of General Stein, who in thirty-eight years of distinguished service to our country has led complex logistics operations at scale,” shared Brad Keywell, Founder & CEO of Uptake. “General Stein’s guidance on leveraging digital solutions in the military, both as a leader in the U.S. Army and as a proponent for logistic solutions, proves invaluable to Uptake as we look to equip the U.S. Military with AI to increase operational readiness, reduce billions in maintenance costs, and advance troop safety.”

In addition to his new advisory capacity at Uptake, General Stein is a Senior Logistics Advisor at Raytheon, where he has leveraged a robust network of logistics experts in government and the private sector to establish and implement logistics solutions. From 2013 to 2019, General Stein oversaw The Logistics Company as the VP of Operations & Strategy and Government Relations, spearheading its growth from a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business into a large business. Before his retirement from the U.S. Army in 2014, General Stein led over 40,000 servicemen and women, DA civilians, and contractors as the leading commander for logistics in the Middle East in support of over 240,000 uniformed and civilian personnel.

“There is a narrowing opportunity for the U.S. to lead on the implementation of AI solutions that will advance national security interests, increase mission readiness, and protect troop safety,” said General Stein. “Uptake has shown that its suite of products are critical for Industrial AI: easy to configure and easy to use but precise and powerful in their insights. Our Armed Forces stand to capitalize from Uptake’s advanced analytics that have already proven themselves in the private sector.”

Uptake’s engagements with the U.S. Army and Marines have been supported by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) in an effort to accelerate the adoption of emerging commercial technologies for national security purposes. Uptake’s advanced analytics have resulted in fundamental reductions in maintenance costs, enhancement in operational readiness, and prevention of catastrophic failures. Through the monitoring of asset conditions with component-level insight, Uptake generates optimized maintenance cost strategies, real-time insight into asset health, and predictive failure detection, all in service to maintainers and operators at the frontlines who keep our country safe and mission ready.

The appointment of Major General Stein as advisor comes as Uptake builds momentum globally and across industries. The six year-old company recently launched its third SaaS product, Uptake Scout, and announced its expansion into India. To learn more about Uptake’s work with the U.S. Military, visit our Public Sector page.

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Morgan Scott, Director of Communications
morgan.scott@uptake.com; (312) 465-6345