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Predictive maintenance to improve public sector readiness

AI driven Prognostic and Predictive Maintenance to provide decision support at all levels of the enterprise.

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Predictive and prognostic maintenance to maximize fleet readiness.

Streamline asset operations and maintenance

Maximize asset readiness and part availability with data-driven insights that inform users to prioritize maintenance actions and execute efficient repairs

Optimize inventory

Source the parts you’ll need leveraging component level advanced working. Ensure the right inventory is available at the right time based on anticipated work scenarios. Supply the fleet with the right parts on deployment.

Improve labor efficiency

Perform the right work at the right time for maximum impact. Make the right repair the first time through data-backed prioritization and the right personnel available for the job.

Product Features

Asset and Subsystem Level Risk Score

Using all available data for an asset, Uptake generates a risk score at the subsystem level for each asset. This ensures that maintenance teams can prioritize work and efficiently move through the maintenance process, logisticians can proactively source key components for NSNs with high risk, and leadership can see where risk stacks up against readiness rates to make sure we’re mission-ready. Regardless of the data availability Federal is built to increase readiness, improve troop safety, and minimize cost.

Downtime and Cost Analysis

Uptake Federal is designed to give your team the power to uncover the answers they need and get there with the information they have available. Users can decide to validate a hypothesis with data using a bottom-up workflow, or they can decide to filter and compare the data to uncover new opportunities for improvement

Survival Analysis

Uptake Federal generates survival curves for each NSN, which can help to determine the probability of failure for each vehicle serial number, inform annual PM requirements, and determine stocking levels. These curves are representative of how components have actually failed in operation and project the probability of failure at any point in the part's life. This information can be critical in informing maintenance priorities, inventory management, asset and system deployment, and asset acquisition needs.

Predicted Failure and Prognostic Recommendations

Uptake uses historical fault data or active sensors to gather and analyze pertinent data and discover potential problems. That means early detection of faults, better prioritization of maintenance tasks, and more precise diagnostics and recommendations.

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