Blog | 05.06.22

The Value of Predictive Maintenance for On-highway Fleets



Uptake empowers your workforce to turn underutilized data into insights that optimize asset- and process-intensive operations.


Easy-to-deploy products that rapidly improve your machine intelligence

Asset Performance Management

Advanced Industrial Analytics

Unified Data Management

Industry Solutions

Equipment Dealer Workflow

ASL® Explorer Risk Analyzer Risk Analyzer EE Analytics Engine Asset Insights Renewables Production Insights Fusion Fleet Federal Dealers Sales & Service Solutions

PMs with industry-proven, best-practice strategies

Easily explore, purchase, and download equipment strategies from the world’s most comprehensive library of industrial equipment failure data.

View ASL® Explorer

Maximize reliability at the lowest total cost

Optimize work orders, establish best practices and reduce maintenance spend.

View Risk Analyzer

Grid monetization with real benefits

Helping grid operators and engineers attain superior situational awareness for their operations and equipment health.

View Risk Analyzer EE

Predictive insights for critical assets

Failure prediction and anomaly detection for next level operational excellence.

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Put your data models into production

A fast-track development process designed to operationalize your data models.

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Maximize energy production by addressing underperformance

Unlock detailed performance insights across any site and any amount of turbines.

View Renewables Production Insights

Liberate your OT data, just connect it

Transfer operational technology (OT) data to the cloud with ease and turn it into industrial intelligence.

View Fusion

Enable operational excellence for your fleet

Failure prevention and anomaly detection for all of your mobile assets.

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Predictive maintenance to improve readiness

Improve tactical decision making across maintenance, supply, and the operational forces.

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AI to optimize the dealer value chain

Strengthen your customer engagements and increase your profitability.

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United Road capitalizes on predictive maintenance with 4x ROI

With many fleets short on drivers and shops understaffed on technicians, vehicle failures are often not addressable in a timely and cost-effective manner. A leader in heavy-haul transportation services in North America, United Road, deployed Uptake Fleet across its fleet to avoid roadside breakdowns and increase driver mileage.

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“Uptake is helping us create a leading-edge company that is competitive on a world scale.”

— Operations Leader, Manufacturer

“Uptake Fleet is simple to use, yet provides so much useful information.”

— Engineering Manager, Private Fleet

“AI and ML are no longer buzzwords. Uptake’s insights are actionable at the street level.”

— Senior Executive, Logistics Company

“Noise reduction from thousands of alerts to only relevant insights is a great workflow.”

— Maintenance Analyst, U.S. Department of Defense

“Uptake Fusion aligns with our goals. We needed a solution that was easy to install, had no infrastructure overhead, and liberated data.”

— Program Manager, Oil & Gas Company

“The savings are real. This matters to our operations and we can easily quantify the impact.”

— Operations Lead, Mining Company

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