What to Know Before the Show - TMC 2024

As TMC rapidly approaches, I’m excited to see the future of our industry and the outlook for 2024, as well as connecting with my colleagues and friends.

Looking forward to TMC 2024, also means looking forward to some new technologies. It’s important to look forward and discover what’s next in the transportation industry. Below are a few predictions for new technologies at the show.

  • Emissions: OEM’s changing existing strategies to meet emissions standards

  • Safety: how are cameras and other features evolving in the industry

  • Fuel efficiency: what kind of equipment is being added to trucks and trailers to increase fuel economy.

  • New engines: will any manufacturer unveil a new engine, what makes that engine unique and stand out from the competition.

Technicians are more in demand than ever. At TMC 2024, I hope to see how companies are investing in their technicians' future. For instance, what industry technology will be showcased to help technicians more effectively, efficiently, and safely perform their duties.

Industry technology improvements are top of mind this year. While attending the show, be on the lookout for who’s doing what and how it impacts the industry.

  • How are fleets evolving in a competition rich industry?

  • What technologies are being used by fleet owners to improve fleet health, reduce breakdowns and increase vehicle uptime?

Beyond the show this year, what are some new tools we can work towards for future advancements?

  • What tools will be showcased that make technicians' lives easier?

  • Will any new equipment be released to improve industry safety?

  • Are any new diagnostic tools being unveiled?

  • New technology improvements within existing tools?

  • New emissions regulations, what will the impact be?

What are some things you are looking forward to seeing at TMC and what predictions do you have on the outlook of our industry? Be sure to stop by the Uptake booth #4241 to continue the conversation and connect all things TMC, trucks and more!