U.S. Marine Corps to Use Uptake’s Artificial Intelligence Software to Increase Operational Readiness of M88 Recovery Vehicles

CHICAGO — Nov. 4, 2019 — Uptake, the leader in industrial artificial intelligence (AI) software, today announced the U.S. Marine Corps will use its Asset IO application to increase the operational readiness of M88 armored recovery vehicles. This new contract adds to Uptake’s service to the U.S. Military, as the U.S. Army deployed Uptake’s software to increase the operational readiness of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in 2018. The agreement with the U.S. Marine Corps was supported by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), a fast-moving government entity tasked with accelerating commercial technology for national security.

“We’re proud to work with the Marine Corps in support of their progressive commitment to embracing predictive analytics and industrial AI technology to advance operational readiness and solve long-standing challenges. Through predictive maintenance, we intend to increase the operational readiness of the M88,” said Brad Keywell, Uptake’s Founder and CEO. “Uptake delivers actionable insights for industry. Our software products, which are tailored to heavy equipment and component-level activity, will help ensure the safety of Marines so they can accomplish their missions and return home safely.”

The Marine Corps will deploy Uptake’s Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, Asset IO, to improve the condition-based monitoring of the M88s, which act as recovery vehicles for impaired ground combat vehicles. Uptake will leverage M88 asset data to provide preventive maintenance strategies and insights into M88 vehicle health. This will improve the Marine tactical commanders’ decision-making while increasing the operational availability of the M88 fleet, and reduce both maintenance costs and hours to ensure vehicle readiness for successful deployments and safety.

The M88 contract comes after Uptake has successfully monitored major component subsystems on the U.S. Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle since mid-2018. Uptake insights have identified Bradley signatures of failure weeks before an actual failure event, and at a significantly higher accuracy than current methods. With these actionable insights, the Army has increased operational availability, improved logistics, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety for the men and women who serve America.

Moreover, Uptake has been able to provide predictive maintenance on legacy vehicles like the Bradley — something that has historically been very difficult to conduct. Uptake’s success with the Army is due to a collaborative partnership with stakeholders across the Department of Defense (DoD) — from the initial contract and guidance from the DIU and the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), to the literal boots on the ground.

The AI and machine learning foundation of Uptake’s platform leverages more than 2.1 billion hours of operational machine data, delivering insight with a level of precision that increases with time. Uptake’s Asset IO software is delivered on its platform, giving the U.S. Marines and Army a superior level of asset-level insight, ultimately resulting in greater reliability and safety.

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