The New Dashboard in Fleet Health

Uptake continues to drive forward innovation in our product, our new Fleet Insight Assessment Dashboard was designed with fleet & maintenance managers in mind to grant a high level overview of Insight’s produced by their fleet over the past 90 days.

Using our newest tool, users are able to see how many assets have produced Insights over the past 90 days as well as how many Insight’s have been produced by their fleet. Empowering your maintenance team’s with they need to make smarter decisions. Give them the power to identify potential pain points in your fleet, highlight targeted campaigns that need to be run against problems centric to your trucks, and explore potential enhancements that need to be added to the current preventative maintenance process.

Our mission at Uptake is to cut through the noise and help you make smarter decisions faster. This new feature allows you to view an immense amount of data with the click of a button, in an easy to use dashboard. If you want to learn more about predictive maintenance and how it can improve the health and operations of your fleet, drop us a message!

Download the Fleet Insight Assessment overview here.