U.S. Army to Use Uptake’s Artificial Intelligence Software to Increase Bradley Fighting Vehicle Readiness

Bradley widely used in peacekeeping, combat missions

CHICAGO — June 26, 2018 — Industrial artificial intelligence (AI) company Uptake today announced that through a prototype award facilitated by Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), the U.S. Army will use its software to increase the readiness of Bradley Fighting Vehicle (Bradley) and warfighter safety. The Army will deploy Uptake’s Asset Performance Management application to predict component failures, decrease the frequency of unscheduled maintenance and improve the productivity of repair operations.

“The military has the most sophisticated and important assets that we rely on for our national security. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle must be ready at a moment’s notice. Leveraging AI will provide the United States a strategic edge to keep our country secure and the warfighter safe,” said Uptake President Ganesh Bell.

The Bradley is one of the most widely used military platforms in peacekeeping and combat missions with thousands operating today. Leveraging Uptake’s AI software will provide tactical commanders the most reliable and accurate information on the health of their fighting vehicles. This gives them better situational awareness and allows them to make the best strategic decisions.

Many industrial vehicles and machines have diesel combustion engines and components similar to the Bradley’s. Since AI learns and becomes smarter with more data, the Army will have better insights due to Uptake’s work across eight industrial sectors and its more than 1.2 billion hours of operating data.

About Uptake

As a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) software for industrial companies, Uptake combines data analytics and machine learning with deep industry knowledge to unlock the power of AI for the global industrial sector. Headquartered in Chicago, Uptake works with industrial customers of all sizes across the globe to use software and data to reimagine their industry.

About DIUx

DIUx is an entity within the Department of Defense charged with accelerating and streamlining the process by which commercial technology is sourced and integrated across the U.S. military to ensure our national defense.