Uptake and Trimble Power Predictive Fleet Maintenance

TMT users now have a single place to see insights from Uptake that predict breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs

Uptake and Trimble Transportation announced today that they are working together to address challenges with fleet management workflows and unplanned downtime.

With the technician shortage continuing to impede vehicle availability and cost-effective maintenance, repair shops can use all of the support they can get — including from the data and fleet management systems they already have in place.

Integrations from Uptake Compass and Uptake Fleet would allow fleet managers and technicians to plan and prioritize repairs on impending vehicle conditions directly in their Trimble TMT Fleet Maintenance interface. That way, on-highway repair shops have a single place to optimize maintenance, improve technician productivity, and enhance vehicle reliability.

Through an API, Uptake Compass ingests work order history that fleets have already collected in their TMT Fleet Maintenance software. Users then see component-level survivability curves, data visualizations of high-cost bad actors, and detailed cost breakdowns with filtering by make, model, vehicle, and location.

Uptake Fleet
Uptake Fleet

Uptake Fleet also ingests work order history from TMT via an API, as well as the telematics, sensor, and fault-code diagnostic data that carriers are already collecting, to serve predictive insights from pre-trained, pre-configured data science models. With the integration, Uptake’s predictive insights are now visible as a Work Pending RO in the TMT interface, enabling maintenance teams to see impending vehicle failures in one place and create cases to proactively address them — before they result in a derate or roadside breakdown.

The integrations between Uptake and Trimble Transportation are now available directly from Uptake as well as from the TMT Connected Maintenance ecosystem of products.

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