Uptake Compass

Create more precise maintenance programs.

Turn messy work order data into a clean and reliable single source of truth.

Maintenance Strategy Engine

Optimize your maintenance program using
work order data that is automatically cleaned
and correctly stored.

Know how much your maintenance is really costing you.

Conduct real-time cost analysis. Enable asset survival analysis and recommend parts replacements. Compass enables a deeper view into your true maintenance costs, component reliability and component lifespan. Know what each maintenance dollar is spent on.


Work order data you can actually use.

Our products are built upon our Industrial AI Platform which ingests, cleans, and organizes all types of industrial data at scale. With a foundation of clean and correctly organized data to work from, Compass offers more reliable cost-analysis of your maintenance program.

Interactive work order data.

Interactive work order data.

Surface all relevant data in one business intelligence dashboard. Quick and easy filtering allows you to sort by equipment type, plant location, and more.

Clean, reliable data.

Clean, reliable data.

Automatically identify potential flaws in records and correct entries using natural language processing.

Asset and component survival analysis.

Asset and component survival analysis.

Know exactly how much time you have left before a component will fail. Trust your data thanks to continually updated records.

Accurate cost-analysis.

Accurate cost-analysis.

See where every dollar goes. Know what parts fail most frequently and how much it costs to make those repairs, enabling focus on specific areas for cost optimization.


All your work order data in one place.

Connecting data sources has never been easier. Compass easily integrates and ingests data from a wide range of data sources making sure your data is ready to go.

Want more than work order analysis?


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