Asset IO

Machines don’t have to break.

Old approaches to Asset Performance Management fall short. It’s time for AI-driven improvements. Get OEM-agnostic insights, predictions and recommendations for any asset, connected or not.

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Key Capabilities

Get more out of your assets. Start improving your operational performance and driving financial outcomes for your business.


Ensure the integrity of your data by cleansing, normalizing and enhancing your existing data sets, such as work orders. Get data-driven insights and cost analysis delivered via our Asset IO application or into your existing systems.


Optimize your maintenance strategy with our data-driven action plans. Calculate your asset risk and assess the criticality of failure based on the world’s largest database of industrial logic. Determine why, where and how your assets might fail using root-cause analysis, failure mode and effects analysis, and historical work order data.


Unlock new operational efficiencies by making proactive maintenance decisions based on predictive insights. Our industrial AI and machine learning engines detect asset anomalies and help predict and prevent problems before they happen. Leverage asset-centric and fleet-wide visualizations to understand how you can drive financial outcomes that improve your business.

Asset Strategy Library®

The world’s largest database of asset types, machine failures and preventive maintenance strategies.

Uptake Asset IO equips users with data-backed insights from our Asset Strategy Library® to cost-optimize maintenance programs and predict and prevent problems before they happen.

Understand 800+ critical asset types and 10 million different components.

Know the 58,000+ ways machines can fail, and how to cost-effectively prevent those failures from happening.

Leverage 32,000+ years of professional industry experience to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

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