Data Science 101: Part 1 - What is Data Science?

In our introductory series on data science fundamentals, Uptake’s data science expert Manny B. explains what data science is, what data scientists do and how businesses can learn and take action from data.

What is data science? In short, data science is the craft of turning data into action. We are living in an unprecedented time where the amount of data being produced in our connected world doubles every two years. We have the power to learn more about our world than ever before, but data in its raw form is hard for humans to interpret. This is where data science comes in. It takes all those 1s and 0s, and with the help of talented data scientists, it turns those numbers into learnings and those learnings into action.

In part one, Manny B. explains the basics of data science as it relates to the transmission of data in a single 45-minute train ride:

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