The Industrial AI and IOT platform with a data science first approach.

Built on a foundation of data science, our platform turns mountains of data into actionable insights, delivering measurable outcomes that save businesses time and money.
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AI & Machine Learning Engines

AI and Machine Learning engines for industry.

Uptake was built for the data science age. Industrial AI and machine learning are the core building blocks of our platform, powering everything behind the scenes. Made for fast results, our engines accelerate your time to insight and empower your business to make informed, data-driven decisions faster.

Failure Prediction

Predicts probability of future failures with historical data plus current conditions


Assesses current conditions plus likely scenarios, suggesting next steps and fixes

Noise Filtering

Filters out unnecessary noise from raw data

Label Correction

Fixes maintenance records for accurate labeling

Image Analytics

Turns imagery into situational change analytics

Dynamic Rules

Uses historical data and custom logic to generate rules for alerting

Anomaly Detection

Analyzes current conditions to identify deviations from normal operating behavior

Fuel Management

Uses historical fuel consumption and operational context to identify inefficient assets and operators

Data Science Catalog & Model Manager

Easy access to world-class industrial data science.

We do data science differently. Our AI and machine learning engines are specifically built to solve industrial problems. Use our models or configure your own in our one-stop shop for all available models.

Data Science Catalog

Data Science Catalog gives you access to a vast library of pre-built models that quickly gets you to insights on many known asset types, and a place to browse and configure each of those models alongside their own custom ones.

Model Manager

Model Manager lets you run model performance tests on new models alongside production data before releasing them to live applications. It also manages DS model versioning, training metrics and insight trends

Data Sources

Grow smarter with every piece of data ingested.

Our platform provides an objective, single-source view of any OEM data. We leverage your enterprise systems, layer in valuable data from the edge and ambient sources and offer our own curated industrial data to deliver outcomes that matter to your business.

Data Types

Easily connect to any data source, from machine and enterprise data to ambient data like market information and operational benchmarks.

Cloud to On-Prem Data Sources

Our platform can integrate with cloud data sources and on-premise systems. We offer a library of ready to use connectors to quickly get your data up and running on our platform, as well as a SDK to enable you to build your own connectors.

Edge Devices

Our platform can power the same data science models on edge as we do in the cloud, sending back only relevant information over the network, dramatically reducing costs.

Industrial Core

Go from data to insights fast with the worlds largest failure mode library.

We deliver data-backed insights to optimize failure prediction and prevention with our Asset Strategy Library™ – the world’s largest catalog of industrial logic from 800+ assets, 58,000 failure modes and preventive maintenance strategies.

Our industrial core is where our learnings across industries and tribal knowledge are codified to make your platform experience simple and intuitive. It taps into the library of asset data patterns, failure signatures and maintenance procedures to power seamless mapping and normalizing of your data.

Build and Deploy

Rapidly deploy and extend your own data-driven applications.

We put our world-class data science directly into your hands. Simply login and start building.

Data Manager

Our data management capabilities offer a simple guided way of configuring and on-boarding your data to a pristine and secure environment.

Data Science Studio

Data Science Studio offers a workflow-based model building experience to configure pre-built models and Jupyter notebooks for custom development.

Application Studio

Our application builder delivers a visual click and drag interface to build applications and publish insights. Or you can choose to stream insights back to your current application via APIs.

Operations HQ

Operations HQ enables you to monitor and manage application and data science deployments.


Better outcomes, faster results.

Our applications sit on top of our platform, empowering businesses to optimize people, processes and systems across the asset ecosystem. Delivering outcomes in step with your business needs.

Asset Performance Management

Predict and prevent equipment failures before they happen, improve the availability and reliability of critical assets, and cost-optimize maintenance programs with real-time, predictive insights.

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Field Service Management

Improve key service processes from shop to field. Whether you’re an operator or OEM, optimize your services to ensure happy customers.

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Process and Operations

Streamline workflows and ensure safety and compliance throughout your operations.

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Industry Solutions

Built-to-scale insights across global industries.

Our applications are purpose-built around our customers’ needs with deep industrial expertise in every line of code.

Our data scientists are on the ground with our customers, working side-by-side to create solutions that deliver industry-specific results. Our platform provides a foundational, highly flexible data system and toolkit, enabling you to use your own data to build models and applications that reflect your industrial reality and speak to your decision makers.

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Secure Edge-to-Cloud

Our environment is distributed, open and secure.

Your data is safe in our hands. From pre-to post-development, our secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) provides the highest level of security in the industry.

Uptake is a ISO 27001-certified organization. From pre-to post-development, our secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) provides robust security for your critical assets.

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