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Discover a new suite of solutions designed to revolutionize fleet maintenance and vehicle safety.

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Tire Insights

Keep your fleet moving forward

  • Prevent unplanned failures - Avoid unexpected downtime with a full set of properly inflated tires.
  • Reduce tire wear - Reduce your tire spend by fixing leaks before they damage your tires and save on maintenance costs
  • Increase fuel efficiency - Go further on every tank with proper tire adhesion.

Fleet Insights Assessment Dashboard

Easily see the health of your fleet in one view


  • View insight activity for the past 90 days.
  • Quickly understand what subsystems are causing the most issues in your fleet.
  • Identify targeted campaigns that you may want to run to increase your fleet health and keep trucks rolling.
  • Review of historical data, while highlighting the massively high volume of fault codes and dash lights.
  • Review distribution of Insight Severity to understand how urgent issues may be based on Uptake severities.
  • Uptake Insight Severity can be customized to your fleet.

Uptake Fleet uses your existing telematics, sensor, OEM fault code, and work order data and leverages our 198 off-the-shelf data science models to detect pending issues at the component level before they result in failure. With the newly released Work Order and Sensor Analytics, you can turn your data into intelligence that improves vehicle uptime, shop performance, driver retention, and your fleet's bottom line.

Work Order Analytics

Single Source of Truth

Dig deeper with Uptake's proprietary Survival Analysis Model:

  • Discover individual vehicle risk scores, to an assessment of global fleet health
  • Threshold insights for specific truck components proactively flag potential failures and inform replacement part inventory

Store, view, and filter historical work order data for connected and non-connected vehicles, all in one place.

Access aggregate and individual unit component analytics alongside sensor analytics.

Sensor Analytics

Powerful System Insights

Uptake Fleet's external insights API, now supporting major fleet and sensor manufacturers.

For Geotab customers, leverage new data science models to set and monitor performance thresholds for alternators, batteries and other critical electrical system components.

More than 200,000 commercial vehicles are using Uptake Fleet to predict and prevent failures before they happen.

Uptake Fleet empowers drivers, technicians, and shop managers with the actionable intelligence they need.

Prevent and mitigate roadside breakdowns and derates

Proactively source parts replacements and cut inventory holding costs

Increase vehicle availability with extended service life

Promote driver satisfaction and retention

Enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation

Maximize your mechanic's time by:

  • Converting unplanned downtime into planned service
  • Bundling maintenance events
  • Proactively scheduling and performing high-value maintenance tasks
  • Increasing preventive maintenance and repair efficiencies

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