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You have the data to make critical decisions about your fleet at scale. We can help you save millions by reducing your maintenance and fuel costs all with AI.

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Proven results with 189 plug-and-play data science models.

in maintenance costs

in maintenance costs

Turn expensive unplanned repairs into cost-effective planned maintenance and streamline your maintenance operation. Here's how we did it for a leading fleet operator.

in operational uptime

in operational uptime

If your trucks are down, you're not making money. Gain the insights to make the best use of your fleet at scale. Learn how we helped United Road do the same.

reduction in roadside breakdowns

reduction in roadside breakdowns

Diagnose issues before they happen saving time and money across your entire operation.

technician efficiency

technician efficiency

Shorten diagnostic time and prioritize the right repairs.

Improve operations across your entire team.

For Drivers

For Drivers

Equipment your drivers can count on.

Reducing unplanned downtime means your drivers are in working equipment more often, increasing reliability for their deliveries and employee confidence.

Reduce Breakdowns.
Put your drivers where they need to be: On the road and on 
schedule with software that detects potential issues weeks in advance.

Safety For Drivers
. Keep your drivers out of harm’s way and out of compromising situations.

For Technicians

For Technicians

Set your technicians up for success.

Reducing troubleshooting time and establishing a more predictable workflow will keep your technicians at their best.

Reduce Guesswork. Helping your technicians be more prepared and efficient by giving them precise information and root cause analysis decreases diagnostic time by 9% and ensures that they can make the right repair the first time.

Improve Workflow. Create a less chaotic, more streamlined maintenance operation with more time focused on planned maintenance and bundling events together for fewer shop visits per year / truck.

Keep what’s working. Uptake seamlessly integrates with your existing work order software so you can enjoy immediate benefits without missing a beat.

For Management

For Management

Peace of mind for management.

Improved fleet performance and augmented perspective for the road ahead.

Turn unplanned maintenance into planned maintenance.
Unplanned maintenance is about 40% more expensive than planned maintenance. Keep your team on track.

Reduce Downtime.
Bundle repairs together to minimize shop visits and maximize time on the road.

Optimize your Inventory.
Keep the right parts on hand and understand the lifespans of components so you know when to repair and when to replace.

For the C-suite

For the C-suite

Enhanced vision for the C-Suite.

Achieve operational excellence and position your organization for the future of work.

Plan ahead with confidence. A 20% reduction in breakdowns means Increased reliability and performance—making for a more predictable, projectable future.

Proactive resource allocation.
Greater visibility into your fleet’s health helps you make better decisions from keeping your trucks on the road to maximizing your investments.

Focus on your customers.
Meet and exceed expectations instead of worrying what might go wrong.

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On-highway Case Study

United Road Increases Fleet Uptime with 4X ROI

With many fleets short on drivers and technicians, vehicle failures are often not addressable in a timely and cost-effective manner. United Road, a leader in heavy-haul transportation services in North America, deployed Uptake Fleet across its fleet to cut maintenance costs and increase driver mileage.

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