Uptake Offers Free Predictive Maintenance Software to Fleet Operators During COVID-19

CHICAGO—March 23, 2020—Starting today, companies with fleets that are tasked with moving goods to meet the COVID-19 demand can register for free Uptake predictive maintenance software. With the help of AI-enabled predictive maintenance tools, vehicles transporting food, personal wellness, and medical supplies will be less likely to break down, ensuring our hospitals and communities receive necessities in a timely manner.

As COVID-19 spreads throughout our world, consumers continue to pack their carts in response to the pandemic. Grocery store shelves are empty, Target and Walmart shelves are bare of everyday items, and Amazon is suspending shipments of all nonessential products to its warehouses. The headline across the globe has become: Demand is high, supply is low.

The delivery of supplies and the restocking of shelves is crucial, which is dependent on the trucks and vehicles that transport those goods into each community.

There are an estimated 3.5 million Class 8 trucks on American roads today—and over 5.7 million commercial drivers. Roadside truck breakdowns occur every 10,000 miles. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, these breakdowns must be reduced to ensure the on-time delivery of essential goods and critical supplies.

“Uptake has worked with some of the largest fleets in America to reduce on-road breakdowns by 20%. Given the current environment, we want our software to be available to fleet operators who are responsible for delivering essential items to our nation's communities,” shares Braden Pastalaniec, VP of Transportation for Uptake. “Our technology is uniquely capable of helping in today's climate and we are pleased to make it available for free to those who might benefit."

Uptake can immediately start working with fleets of any size that currently utilize a Geotab telematics device and have either a Pro or ProPlus rate package. Once vehicle data is securely obtained, maintenance recommendations will be delivered within days, allowing fleet maintenance operators to turn mountains of data and hundreds of notifications into actionable insights. The COVID-19 demand calls for the trucking industry to optimize how maintenance is conducted, shifting simple preventive schedules into full predictive strategies.



VP of Transportation for Uptake


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