Uptake Launches AI-Enabled Dynamic Maintenance to Equip Fleet Operators with Real-Time Asset Monitoring and Increased Vehicle Uptime

CHICAGO - FEBRUARY 18, 2020 - Uptake today announced its launch into Dynamic Maintenance, which improves fleet operations efficiency through proactive and flexible maintenance planning. Allowing operators to move beyond time and mileage-based maintenance, Uptake provides real-time recommendations around fleet service.

As one of the newest applications of AI technology, Dynamic Maintenance directly supports heavy trucking and fleet goals of achieving maximum uptime while also dealing with some of the challenges with today’s skilled labor shortage.

“Uptake is designed to optimize planned downtime by automating the maintenance planning process,” shares Brad Keywell, Founder & CEO of Uptake. “The introduction of AI tools (like Uptake) are key when we consider the reskilling of the vocational workforce—an industry challenge that will only keep accelerating. We’re committed to helping our customers as they move through their digital transformations and derive value from these new tools.”

Uptake ingests available data from vehicles—which may include signal readings, fault codes, fluid analysis, work orders, and PM schedules—to get an encompassing view of asset health. A vehicle’s current condition is then analyzed and compared to previous maintenance, as well as the next planned maintenance, creating Shop Visit Optimization.

Prior to AI tools like Uptake, fleet operators relied on time and mileage-based PM schedules (usually set by the OEM), and had to cope with unplanned maintenance events that occurred in between planned events. Many managers also looked at diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to mitigate service interruptions, oftentimes becoming overwhelmed by the volume of alerts and false positives. This was wasting valuable technician time and chasing symptoms rather than root causes. Uptake solves for all of these stressful situations by ingesting real-time data from multiple sources, applying AI, and notifying the maintenance team management only when action is required.

In addition to its industry-leading predictive maintenance models built on raw sensor data, Uptake has several new features for fleet operators, allowing the user to:

  • Analyze work orders including data cleansing, cost analysis, survival analysis and benchmarking
  • Bundle tasks that need to be completed into a single Case
  • Prioritize assets that need maintenance based on the current condition

“Uptake saves operators from unplanned downtime, which on average, costs $450 to $750 per truck per day,” notes Braden Pastalaniec, VP of Sales, Transportation for Uptake. “Uptake is the system of intelligence for heavy truck assets. Our customers receive all reliability related data in one single platform which allows us to amplify the accuracy of and automate the maintenance decision making processes.”

Uptake will be attending the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, February 24-27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Booth #4065.