Uptake CEO Brad Keywell Wins EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2019

Brad was selected from 57 finalists representing 47 countries. Since founding Uptake in 2014, his company has become the fastest startup to ever reach a $2B valuation. Brad’s commitment to innovation and excellence empower Uptake to be the source of industrial intelligence for customers around the world.

The idea to create Uptake came to Brad when he went to pick up his daughter from the airport. Upon arriving, he discovered her flight was delayed because the airline didn’t have the right part to make the right repair at the right time. Brad saw an opportunity. He set out to create a world that always works.

Today, Uptake is the source of industrial intelligence for a global customer base. We empower people to solve hard problems, to understand their past and act on their future.

Under Brad’s leadership, we’ve built a set of industrial applications and an underlying platform that turn mountains of data into meaningful intelligence, making hard work easier for the businesses that move society forward. We believe data is the key to a better tomorrow and that, alongside our customers, we will build what comes next.

Brad values learning from failure and continuous improvement. Much like those values, Uptake’s technology has seen millions of machine failures so our customers don’t have to. By equipping people with insights they can act on, we do our part to help create a world that works for everyone.

Entrepreneurs believe in creating, not accepting. They believe in possibility over simply reality.

Brad Keywell, Founder & CEO, Uptake

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