TruckSuite and Uptake Improve Vehicle Uptime for Small Fleets

Uptake Fleet, which increases vehicle reliability and reduces unplanned downtime, is bundled in TruckSuite’s managed services for small fleets and owner-operators

CHICAGO and WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. –– March 3, 2022 –– Uptake, the leader in industrial intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) and TruckSuite, a technology-based transportation services company that offers the benefits of truck ownership usually reserved for large fleets, announced their partnership today. TruckSuite will integrate predictive insights from Uptake Fleet in their products: TruckSuite lease purchase program, Live Concierge powered by iComply Pro for diagnostics and maintenance, and the TruckSuite mobile app for drivers. Through the partnership, small fleets and owner-operators have the support of predictive analytics to enhance truck protection, increase revenue miles, and mitigate maintenance events.

“As small fleets and owner-operators deal with an expensive used truck market and delays in the production of new vehicles, consistently having a reliable vehicle ready to go is the lifeblood of their business,” said Lynn Murphy, Co-founder and CEO, TruckSuite. “We have a history of innovative programs in the aftermarket and see predictive analytics as the future of transportation. Uptake is the leader in this space, and their predictive insights put our fleet customers and drivers in the position to bring critical vehicle failures into the shop ahead of component failure, reducing the impact those issues have on their safety and pay.”

Uptake Fleet improves vehicle reliability, enabling drivers, fleet managers, and operations teams to optimize vehicle utilization, increase uptime, and lessen the risk of costly repairs and replacement. With its integration of Uptake Fleet, TruckSuite proactively schedules diagnostics and maintenance for high-risk vehicle issues, reducing unplanned downtime.

“This partnership with TruckSuite makes predictive maintenance widely accessible, regardless of fleet size,” said Norm Thomas, Business Consultant, Uptake. “With asset protection and maintenance leveraging TruckSuite technology, fleets limit the risk of unreliable vehicles to drivers and carriers. They instead have predictive maintenance to avoid road calls, expensive repairs, and tow bills and ensure that their assets are being properly maintained during leasing periods.”

TruckSuite was founded in 2016 to extend managed services to small fleets and owner-operators. TruckSuite’s diversified product offerings leverage the state-of-the-art iComply Pro Technology to provide value and are security delivered with best-in-class service for the trucking industry. Through this partnership, Uptake Fleet is now integrated with the TruckSuite Technology Platform.


TruckSuite is a technology-based company that delivers value and security to commercial trucking companies with its best in class product and services. TruckSuite leverages the iComply Pro technology platform to give its customers access to: lease/purchase programs, PM programs, predictive maintenance monitoring, diagnostics, mechanical breakdown warranties, and financial services products including LifeGAP, VRP, repair and warranty financing. TruckSuite’s latest offering “Live Concierge” delivers services and assistance to your phone, live in real time, 24/7 with the push of a button. For more information, visit:


Uptake is the industrial intelligence system, providing actionable insight for operators across a variety of industries. Uptake gives all departments — maintenance, reliability, operations, and financial teams — a single, shared, and contextualized view of every operational asset and interaction that affects performance. Driven by powerful data science models and cloud computing, Uptake’s products deliver actionable insights that predict and prevent asset failure, increase compliance with ESG initiatives, mitigate catastrophic risk, optimize maintenance strategy, reduce repair costs, enhance productivity, and protect operator safety. With 40+ patents and recognized for leadership in Industrial AI by Gartner, the World Economic Forum, CNBC, and Forbes, Uptake is headquartered in Chicago with a presence in Canada, South America, Europe, India, and Australia. To stay up-to-date on what we’re doing, visit us at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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