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You can now easily purchase Uptake products using your AWS prepay or annual commitment. Additionally, Uptake can list private offers on Gov Cloud, solving contracting issues with federal entities. Also, take advantage of our Amazon EC2 capability, Lambda service, and Aurora database.

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Driven by data science and cloud computing, Uptake was recently awarded Partner, ACE/Co-Sell Ready, and Qualified Software status with AWS.

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Uptake Fleet

Uptake Fleet empowers your team to prevent roadside failures, reduce unplanned downtime and optimize operating and maintenance cost.

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Fleet operator identifies $12,500 in annual savings per truck.

After only four months of using Uptake's software, a leading global food & beverage corporation was able to identify $12,500 in annual savings per Class 8 truck using Uptake. This customer leveraged Uptake's off-the-shelf analytics models to optimize the maintenance program.

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Uptake Federal

Uptake Federal delivers advanced analytics that improve tactical decision making across maintenance, supply, and operational forces. Uptake Federal is hosted within AWS GovCloud.

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The Road From Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

Government Fleets today have a choice about how to maintain their vehicles. Data offers one way forward.

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About Uptake

Uptake translates data into smarter operations for heavy industries. Uptake delivers actionable insights that predict and prevent asset failure, increase compliance with ESG initiatives, mitigate catastrophic risk, optimize maintenance strategy, reduce repair costs, enhance productivity, and improve operator safety. Uptake is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified.

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