See Your Savings with the Fleet ROI Calculator

With Uptake’s Fleet ROI Calculator, see the direct value you can unlock with the data already available through your telematics device, sensors, fault codes, and work orders.

Many fleets today have preventative maintenance programs in place with some degree of condition monitoring. While giving fleet managers and technicians a view into vehicle health, fault codes are often noisy. They leave fleets grappling for definitive answers about when and how to conduct cost-effective maintenance.

Predictive analytics equip fleets with an advanced view of pending vehicle conditions. That “future view” allows shop managers to uncover leading causes of roadside breakdowns before having to make a road-call. It also enables technicians to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot before even seeing the vehicle in the shop.

All that goes to mitigate the risk of roadside breakdown — from occurring in the first place to reducing the downtime that results. Through advanced warning, fleets are converting unexpected maintenance into scheduled tasks, keeping maintenance in-house and the shop from falling into a reactive cycle of maintenance.

That means more hard savings for the fleet and higher pay for your drivers. It also amounts to savings that are more difficult to capture in just one calculation, as with better driver retention and greater customer satisfaction.

By placing the characteristics of your fleet into the Fleet ROI Calculator — including fleet size, vehicle class, telematics provider, labor spend, cost per breakdown, and vehicle miles per year — Uptake can estimate direct savings per vehicle through the use of Uptake Fleet.

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