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Industrial AI

Recap: Uptake’s Hackathon 2017
By Uptake, 05.08.2017

Industrial AI

Security Superheroes–Meet The White Hats Of The Red Team
By Matthew Jakubowski, 05.17.2017

Industrial AI

How To Protect Your Business From A Ransomware Attack
By Nick Percoco, 06.28.2017

Industrial AI

Data Science Is Redefining How We Create Smart Cities
By Uptake, 07.14.2017

Energy, Industrial AI

How Planes, Trains, and Trucks Can Make Wind Smarter
By Ryan Blitstein, 08.01.2017

Asset Performance Management, Industrial AI

The $647B Downtime Question: Can Machine Learning Save Industry from its Costliest Challenge?
By Uptake, 08.15.2017

Asset Performance Management, Dealer and Heavy Equipment

Ag and Rail Equipment Uptime Critical for Good Harvest
By Tim Marquis, 10.09.2017


Hidden Variables | What Does the Ideal College Look Like?
By Kayla Lewis, Alex Bordens, Nikhil Gahlawat, 12.05.2017


6 Predictions for Wind Energy in 2018
By Uptake, 12.13.2017

Industrial AI

3 Ways to Prepare for the Convergence of IT and OT
By Mike Petitti, 12.18.2017

Fleet, Industrial AI

4 Ways Data is Driving Down Fleet Management Costs
By Uptake, 01.11.2018

Dealer and Heavy Equipment

Data Security: Growers Are Overlooking a Serious Threat on the Horizon
By Tim Marquis, 01.24.2018

Industrial AI

OT/IT Convergence: Cybersecurity or Cybersafety?
By Kevin Skender, 02.01.2018

Industrial AI

Good Data Scientist/Bad Data Scientist
By Uptake, 02.14.2018

Asset Performance Management, Industrial AI

How Big Data Makes Predictive Equipment Maintenance Possible
By Zack Novak, 04.10.2018