Data Science 101: Part 5 - Developing Industrial Artificial Intelligence Applications

In our introductory series on data science fundamentals, Uptake’s data science expert Manny B. explains what data science is, what data scientists do and how businesses can learn and take action from data.

In part four, you learned how machine learning algorithms create data science models to make predictions about successful outcomes. The last part of the data science workflow is taking action.

Business owners can take advantage of everything machine learning and data science have to offer with purpose-built applications that surface insights in an easy-to-use manner. Industrial artificial intelligence (AI) applications do three things to enable businesses to take action from insights:

  1. Aggregate all the data sources industrial companies need to solve the business problem at hand into one place.
  2. Leverage machine learning to deliver the data that matters.
  3. Surface actionable insights; use all that data to surface insights in enough time to take action.

In part five, Manny B. discusses the creation of industrial AI applications that help customers make key decisions in their business operations.

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