Uptake powers predictive maintenance

Maximize your fleet’s uptime

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Detect leaks when they start

Uptake’s Tire Insights are leading the way by providing comprehensive coverage for identifying and addressing tire-related issues, from rapid pressure drops to gradual leaks and sensor malfunctions.

Detects leaks with 30 days of lead time ahead of traditional manual inspection or roadside blowouts

  • 83% reduction in significant tire failures

  • 5% improved fuel economy

  • 91% improvement in safe tire driving days

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Supercharge Your Maintenance Analytics

Uptake plugs in work orders and sensor intelligence into your maintenance analytics platform.

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Customer Success

United Road Increases Fleet Uptime with 4x ROI

With many fleets short on drivers and technicians, vehicle failures are often not addressable in a timely and cost-effective manner. United Road, a leader in heavy-haul transportation services in North America, deployed Uptake Fleet across its fleet to cut maintenance costs and increase driver mileage.

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“Uptake Fleet is simple to use, yet provides so much useful information.”

— Engineering Manager, Private Fleet

“Noise reduction from thousands of alerts to only relevant insights is a great workflow.”

— Maintenance Analyst, U.S. Department of Defense

“Uptake is helping us create a leading-edge company that is competitive on a world scale.”

— Operations Leader, Manufacturer

“AI and ML are no longer buzzwords. Uptake’s insights are actionable at the street level.”

— Senior Executive, Logistics Company

“The savings are real. This matters to our operations and we can easily quantify the impact.”

— Operations Lead, Mining Company

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Do you want to keep your trucks on the road? Uptake Fleet empowers your team to cut maintenance costs, increase uptime, and improve fuel efficiency. Making it ideal for your overall fleet health.

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