Uptake and Geotab - Better Together

Uptake and Geotab are charting an innovative course in the transportation industry with groundbreaking fleet failure prevention data.

Embrace a bold new era of unrivaled excellence in predictive fleet health. This partnership is powered by state-of-the-art telematics data technology.

Customers can access a powerful tool to harness top-tier, predictive models for safeguarding their fleets against breakdowns and potential catastrophic incidents. Leveraged by an extensive input of top-tier engine data and apply exclusive data science models to distill information.

Uptake's cutting-edge predictive maintenance technology helps empower customers to:

  • Monitor data and identify deterioration
  • Diagnose vehicle issues near real-time
  • Gauge driving habits, encompassing speed, idling duration, and more

Together, Uptake and Geotab are fortifying the trucking industry. Visit uptake.com for more information.