Top Tips for Carriers to Protect Profits in a Soft Market

As many carriers know, properly maintaining a truck can cost more than $15,000 a year if nothing goes wrong. When unplanned breakdowns happen, they’re rarely a quick and convenient fix. This leads to costly repairs, late loads, and unhappy drivers – but carriers can avoid these headaches and more with predictive maintenance.

FreightWaves and Uptake published a white paper that surveyed carriers about both their current maintenance strategies and their next steps when it comes to caring for their fleets. The results revealed a few must-have tips for carriers to protect profits in today’s softening market.

Kevin Hill, VP of Research and Communities at FreightWaves, will be joined by Kris Petersen, Head of Product & UX; Transportation & Federal at Uptake to discussed these tips and white paper findings during this webinar.

Key topics:

  • Why the frequency of unscheduled roadside maintenance is on the rise
  • How unplanned breakdowns and tows affect carriers’ bottom lines
  • What to do if you’re one of the 50% of carriers that can’t predict vehicle issues at all before they happen
  • How predictive maintenance benefits go beyond repair costs to improve driver retention

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Top Tips for Carriers to Protect Profits in a Soft Market

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