Predictive Maintenance for Fleet

Hit the road with confidence.

Put predictive insights to work for your fleet. It’s time to get more miles out of your data. Use it to keep your trucks on the road and making you money.

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Uptake Fleet

Drive fast financial value from the data you already have.

Reduce breakdowns while cutting fuel spend and unplanned maintenance costs. Make the best use of your drivers’ time, all with predictive maintenance powered by AI.


Reduce maintenance costs by as much as $1,250 per vehicle per year for an average heavy vehicle by bundling events, improving first-time fix rate, reducing catastrophic events and mitigating service interruptions.


Improve fleet availability and vehicle health by as much as $750 additional per vehicle per year for an average heavy vehicle — through fuel savings beyond driver coaching, mitigation of the cost of lost service, and fewer low-mileage or spare vehicles.

Growth &

Increase fleet productivity, growth, and retention by maximizing driver time and technician efficiency, and by improving on-time deliveries.

The power of industrial data science in one easy-to-navigate application.

Uptake amplifies your existing telematics investments. Using vehicle component sensor data and fault codes ingested from your telematics device, Uptake combines that information with contextual data and work orders to predict and prevent impending failures. The result: You save on maintenance costs and reduce your unplanned downtime.

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Financial Outcomes

Get more from every vehicle and driver in your fleet.

Use data-driven insights to drive more value from your existing trucks and increase the reliability and productivity of your fleet.

Lower your maintenance costs by 7-10%.

Seamlessly incorporate predictive insights into your maintenance strategies. Use real-time sensor data plus our curated contextual data to optimize maintenance based upon the unique conditions of your specific vehicles.

Reduce your fuel costs 2-3% beyond what TSPs provide.

Decrease fuel costs beyond what can be achieved with driver coaching alone. Use predictive maintenance to fix critical, fuel-wasting issues faster.

Increase vehicle uptime.

Stop under- or over-maintaining your vehicles. Save time and money by using root-cause analysis to reduce shop time and get your vehicles back in service faster.

Improve fleet productivity.

Reduce unplanned vehicle downtime, making the best use of drivers’ time. Enable your maintenance technicians to make the right repair the first time, reducing vehicle shop time.

Fleet Case Studies

We deliver real value.

Customer Case Study: Brown Transfer Uses AI to Drive Cost Savings for Its Fleet

See why Brown Transfer Company chose Uptake to dramatically cut its fleet maintenance costs and reduce vehicle downtime at the same time.

Leveraging AI in Fleet Maintenance: All Fleet Maintenance Strategies Aren’t Created Equal

Learn how knowing the difference between descriptive analytics, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance can directly impact your bottom line.

Uptake for Good: Keeping Chicago Prepared in the Face of Disasters

American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois uses Uptake AI to help increase vehicle reliability and ensure people get the help they need when they need it most.

Using AI in Fleet Maintenance

All fleet maintenance strategies aren’t created equal.

Learn how knowing the difference between descriptive analytics, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance can directly impact your bottom line.

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AI-powered predictive maintenance

You have the data to make critical decisions about your fleet at scale. We can help you save millions by reducing your maintenance and fuel costs — all with AI.

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