70% fewer breakdowns. Fuel fleet-wide efficiency.

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Go beyond monitoring. Predict and prevent failures.

Why guess when you can know? Give your fleet a competitive advantage on the road ahead.

Our Asset Clarity product suite predicts and prevents potential fleet issues early on, ensuring compliance every leg of the journey. Increase uptime, reduce fuel consumption, improve driver safety and boost productivity.

Above statistic: Accenture

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AI and IOT in Fleet Maintenance

IoT solutions can help fleet owners and operators reduce equipment breakdowns by 70%.*

Learn the difference between descriptive analytics, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, and the impact each can have on your business.

*Source: Accenture, “Smart Production Report,” 2016

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Save thousands of dollars per truck every year.

Go beyond monitoring and tracking. Turn fleet data from sensors, enterprise systems and beyond into actionable insights that impact your bottom line, fast.

Increased productivity.

Increased productivity.

We translate data into ready-to-take-action insights. Improve your productivity and lower your operational costs with data-backed decisions.

Greater reliability.

Greater reliability.

Predictive analytics prevents costly fleet downtime. Eliminate reactionary monitoring. Prioritize repairs long before breakdown ever becomes an issue.

Improved safety.

Improved safety.

Understand the complete health of every vehicle at all times. Gain better peace of mind with improved on-the-road safety and driver performance.