Uptake Fusion

Liberate operational technology data

Break free from the strangleholds of proprietary technology. Transfer operational technology (OT) data to the cloud with ease and turn it into industrial intelligence.

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Uptake now supports Azure Data Explorer (ADX)

Data drives decisions. With Uptake Fusion, you drive faster.

Business demands OT and IT data in the cloud to enhance and accelerate enterprise-wide decision-making. Fusion makes it happen, whether it’s transferring data to the cloud and organizing it for specialized users or helping you build your data lake strategy.


Gain a greater understanding of OT data and the role of Fusion

How it Works

Accelerate industrial intelligence. Eliminate complexity for faster decision-making.

Uptake Fusion enables and accelerates the process of moving data from industrial sites, facilities and data centers to Microsoft Azure. Whether on your own Azure tenant or Uptake’s tenant, setup and data migration are simple. Just connect it to move and store data in the cloud where it can be organized, unified, and contextualized.


Liberating industrial asset data locked in traditional systems is critical to scale decision making across the enterprise. Uptake Fusion’s connectors for data connectivity connect via open APIs and open data formats. Uptake Elevate supports by moving the data to the cloud without the complexities that slow the process.


Fusing data from multiple sources is imperative to meet demand for data by various decision support applications. Managing aggregations and storage is fundamental to providing horizontal and vertical scalability. A single source of truth eliminates complexities.


Industrial Data without context means nothing and can lead to risk and wrong decisions. Uptake Lenses enables organizing, unifying, and correlating data to make it meaningful to different stakeholders. A single data model for all use cases is cumbersome. Multiple data models allow data to distribute to different stakeholders.

Case Study

Ensign establishes a single source of truth for their data.

Uptake Fusion helped Ensign Drilling Inc. get more value from its operational data by leveraging the cloud to make information more readily available across the organization.

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Case Study

Major energy company uses Fusion for data access and time series insights

Uptake Fusion helped a multinational energy company liberate its operational data from 40+ global sites. Centralized data in the cloud is optimized for Time Series Insights, Power BI, and Uptake AI products and services.

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Integrate with your preferred method.

Define the setup and process for OT data destined for the cloud. Utilize Uptake Fusion’s connectors for data connectivity with open APIs and open data formats.

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