How would you answer the question

How can the wind industry achieve O&M excellence?

Operational Excellence: Solutions from AWEA OMS

How would you answer the question, “How can the wind industry achieve O&M excellence?”


In this webinar, co-hosted by AWEA and Uptake, learn what solutions wind industry leaders suggest for solving the largest challenges facing wind turbine operations and maintenance teams. Find out how solutions differed between executives and managers, and what solutions they collaboratively decided will improve O&M outcomes for everyone's KPIs - from management to teams in the field.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ryan Blitstein, Vice President of Renewables, Uptake
  • Satsuki Sokol, Deputy Director, Education Program, AWEA

AWEA hosted this webinar with Uptake in March to discuss how two different groups of wind industry leaders answered this question during the 2018 AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety (OMS) Conference. One group comprised wind executives, the other directors and managers. The outcomes were quite different.

Below is the combined result.

Data Dominated

Data was the most-discussed topic in both groups, which followed an emerging trend from the 2018 OMS conference overall. No surprise, given that global consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that 99 percent of data in some industrial sectors is unused.

Both groups identified O&M “nirvana” as a single source of truth for all operations information. An ideal solution would minimize silos between management, operations, service providers and equipment manufacturers. What that looks like took several directions:

  1. Increasing transparency by aligning OEM and operator goals through shared tools and open OEM technical information.
  2. Optimizing data access through reliable real-time data, as well as standard measures of asset performance tracking and efficiency.
  3. Prioritizing information and data through decreased noise. This would be achieved through less and better-connected systems, as well as data systems that are actionable.
  4. Optimizing field services through data-driven maintenance that is less manual, facilitates the capture of “tribal knowledge,” and switches operations from reactive to proactive.

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Executive versus Manager/Director Responses. Wondering which group focused more on safety? Information transparency? It’s not what you’d expect. Fill out the form below to download the summary graphics from each session.