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To celebrate WINDPOWER coming to the Windy City—our hometown—we're giving away a limited number of Chicago flag wind t-shirts.

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The Future of Wind Started in the Windy City

Get your own Windy City t-shirt to commemorate WINDPOWER 2018. Supplies are limited. Fill out the form and stop by the Uptake booth (#3023) on Tuesday to claim it before they're gone.

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How can the wind industry produce more megawatts without new turbines?

Wind energy development has grown dramatically. But there is more work to be done. The industry can and will have to produce even more energy from existing turbines to power a brighter future. Learn how.

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Lessons Learned FOR Wind FROM Rail, Aviation, Mining, Construction and Agriculture

Come hear Uptake’s Vice President of Renewables Ryan Blitstein share valuable lessons from Uptake's work in other areas of the industrial world, and what wind power leaders can learn from peers in other sectors.


Operational Excellence: Solutions from AWEA OMS

Uptake partnered with AWEA to discuss what solutions wind industry leaders suggest for solving the largest challenges facing wind turbine operations and maintenance teams. Find out how solutions differed between executives and managers, and what solutions they collaboratively decided will improve O&M outcomes for everyone's KPIs - from management to teams in the field.

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