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Discover insights for power performance.

Uptake empowers your workforce by helping operators unlock detailed performance insights across any site and any amount of turbines.

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Diagnose and resolve as quickly as possible.

Uptake Wind empowers operators to improve annual energy production (AEP) with investigative tools that detect underperformance and provide “pre-packaged” supporting evidence.

Customer Results

Average Improvement per Site

Average Improvement per Site

Fine Scale Yaw Misalignment

Fine Scale Yaw Misalignment

Constrained Operations

Constrained Operations

Blade Miscalibration

Blade Miscalibration

Product Features

Underperformance detection

Discover & analyze underperformance issues corrected for confounding variables and filtered for icing, curtailment, and other factors that create noise. Identify specific root causes like incorrect constrained operation and fine scale yaw misalignment.

Analyze supporting data and interactive visualizations, customized for each insight type, to make informed “next step” decisions.

Overview dashboard

Easily track activity on Uptake Insights by wind site and prioritize insights by potential value and see realized value of validated, addressed insights.

Power curve

Compare turbine performance against the manufacturer’s design curve for a custom time period and with the ability to analyze underlying data points.

Lost energy & efficiency trends

Analyze site and turbine level efficiency and lost energy by key categories like performance, downtime, curtailment, and icing.

Easily track trends and quickly identify the location of turbines at each site that are inefficient or that have recently improved.

Uptake Wind Case Study

Leading Wind Energy Company Set to Capture $1.35M per Year in Savings.

One of Asia’s largest Independent Power Producers (IPP) in the renewable energy industry has launched a trial of Uptake Radar to increase its annual energy production (AEP) and improve the reliability of its diverse fleet of wind turbines.



Uptake is powering a new era of wind energy.

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