Uptake Grid

Next level utility asset performance.

Helping grid operators and engineers attain superior situational awareness for their operations and equipment health.

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Uptake Grid

Make data-driven decisions across your operation.

Understand which assets are at risk and why. Optimize maintenance and capital planning by taking into account the context in which assets are operating. Produce best-in-class predictive insights that lead to fewer failures, operation and maintenance savings, and improved Grid performance.

Product Features

Get a contextualized fleet-wide view of your service territory.

Visualize all substations not only by geography, but also in terms of risk, probability and consequence of potential failures.

Adjust for Time Horizon to see risk over different time periods, ranging from 6-24 weeks.

Drill down to validate, compare and prioritize potential maintenance.

Capture insights from the substation, asset, and component level to understand what is driving the risks to reliability across the system.

See the top ten at-risk assets sorted by probability of failure as a percent.

Leverage the power of the Asset Strategy Library® (ASL®).

Get asset-based insights generated the largest library of failure modes in the world.

Understand failure distributions for grid assets, down to the component level, that have been in service for years even when sensor data for those assets is unavailable. Improve distributions with new or existing sensor data.

Uptake is powering a new era of energy.

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