Uptake Radar

Configurable Analytics

Take control of your analytics with a tool that sets you up for success.


Comes equipped for orchestrating your data, powered by Uptake Fusion, and creating custom alerts–all through a configurable dashboard.

Actionable insights drive operational improvements

Leverage Uptake Radar to accelerate insights and drive improvements. Use Radar to orchestrate decision support data flows. Create custom rules alerts with expert recommendations. Take advantage of visualization tools. No coding required.

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Viewable in a configurable dashboard

Uptake Radar gives you the tools and functionality to put your data to work generating actionable insights that drive decisions and impact operations. All the data is viewable in a configurable dashboard.

Relevant data

Relevant data

Bring in real-time data, add contextual data from systems like EAM, apply native and third-party analytics, and initiate actions based on events in your data.

Easy-to-use tools

Easy-to-use tools

The engine lets you visually design the data flow and orchestration. Business users can make recommendations using the visual rule builder.

Custom rules and alerts

Custom rules and alerts

Set up thresholds to trigger specific recommendations when an important event occurs. The engine’s functionality allows for custom rules and alerts.

Decision support

Decision support

Management wants to see the data points behind insights. Deliver. Configure the engine’s dashboard for real-time operational decision support views.


All your data in the cloud

Your Uptake Radar connects to Uptake Fusion, which enables and accelerates moving data from on-premise to your tenant on the Microsoft Azure platform.

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