Uptake’s Sonny Garg To Speak At National Governors Association Summer Meeting

Together, Uptake and RIPTA are aiming to increase RIPTA’s overall efficiency (think: maintenance, operations), bus reliability, bus uptime and safety.

Uptake’s Energy Solutions Lead, Sonny Garg, has been invited to speak tonight at the National Governors Association (NGA) Summer Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Over 30 governors are expected to be in attendance where Garg will speak about technology and innovation in local and state government.

Garg will talk about how governments often find themselves caught between competing interests: The need to provide the necessary services that the private sector can’t or won’t provide at an equitable rate for all, and the expectations of citizens that public services, like mass transit, produce customer service results similar to what they experience with private sector offerings, like via ride sharing services. How can government entities deliver on both providing services the market doesn’t want to but also to deliver on the expectations of users set by the market?

Uptake Enters Smart Cities

The Wall Street Journal published an article in April titled “The Rise of the Smart City” in which news editor Michael Totty discussed how mayors and other city officials across the country are starting to utilize the data at their disposal to transform the way cities function. From applying predictive analytics to improve restaurant health inspections to putting sensors on water pipes, parking meters and more, Totty illustrates how the so-called information revolution is changing how cities are run, and thus, influencing the lives of residents.

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Garg’s NGA speech comes as Uptake has recently launched into the smart cities category through our work with the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). RIPTA provides bus and other non-rail services for the state of Rhode Island. RIPTA employees will tell you the work they do is deeply personal. From the next generation of young mechanics to its CEO, all employees share a desire to make RIPTA services more robust, efficient and smart for current and future users.

RIPTA has been working toward a shift to an agile form of “smart transit” that is prepared for the industry and cultural challenges that are beginning to impact public transit. Uptake’s ability to harness massive data sets and perform meaningful analytics against them – the foundation of “smart transit” – is driving this transformation.

Together, Uptake and RIPTA are aiming to increase RIPTA’s overall efficiency (think: maintenance, operations), bus reliability, bus uptime and safety. Uptake will do this by providing fleet insights – such as visibility into bus vitals and performance – and optimized maintenance scheduling to ensure busses don’t miss a beat when it comes to proactive, preventative maintenance.

Stay tuned for more information on how the engagement evolves, and for more on Garg’s speech, follow us on Twitter at @Uptake for updates.