Uptake Named to CNBC Disruptor 50 list for its Industrial AI Platform

Uptake’s Third Consecutive Year as a CNBC Disruptor

CHICAGO — May 16, 2019 — Uptake, leader in enterprise AI software for global industry, was named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 list for the third consecutive year. Uptake’s Industrial AI (artificial intelligence) platform delivers empirical results to industrial clients around the world through AI-fortified applications that currently optimize the performance of 1.3 million assets.

“Leaders look to Uptake to enable the leveraging and monetization of their data – the great untapped asset on nearly every balance sheet. As Boards and operational leaders mandate further improvements in productivity, reliability, and margins, what comes into clear focus is data – incredible amounts of data that contain the map to optimization,” said Uptake Founder and CEO, Brad Keywell. “With the most comprehensive purpose-built Industrial AI platform, Uptake directly enables increased productivity, reliability, and safety with superior accuracy of insight, deployed in weeks or months (not quarters or years).”

By putting the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of people and companies that aren’t AI experts, Uptake creates a transformative impact for people, businesses and communities. A core product, Uptake APM (Asset Performance Management), empowers both operational leaders and front-line operators to create more productivity and higher reliability through a wide range of applications in manufacturing, transportation, heavy machinery and energy.

Uptake’s proprietary Asset Strategy Library™ (ASL™) is the world’s largest and most reliable reference source of machine failure data and contributes to the AI-powered insight delivered to customers including Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Codelco and Rolls-Royce. Uptake has been recognized as a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, accelerating the pace of positive disruption through an open platform that enables industrial front-line workers, systems integrators, and others to build low-code/no-code AI-powered applications.

“Our technology is forged by practical knowledge across the breadth of industries that we serve, and our data science team has ‘on-the-ground’ experience applying AI to a range of critical equipment – across energy generation and distribution, locomotives and rail, heavy equipment, process manufacturing, and more,” Keywell continued. “Uptake’s applications directly solve real-world problems by leveraging our platform, and our data science engines are becoming exponentially impactful – they’ve been trained on over 2.1 billion hours of operational machine data and counting.”

With over 1,200 companies vying for 50 spots, CNBC stated that Disruptor 50 companies “share a common goal of developing revolutionary new technology into scalable business models.” Uptake’s recognition on the CNBC Disruptor 50 list reinforces its position as a force of positive change for the industrial sector. Uptake and Keywell are also currently featured in CNBC’s 30th anniversary campaign, “The Future of Business.” Other CEOs featured in the campaign include Box’s Aaron Levie, Cisco’s Chuck Robbins and Redfin’s Glenn Kelman.

For more information, see Uptake’s Disruptor 50 profile, “Spotting Problems Before They Happen,” or visit www.uptake.com.


Uptake is a leading provider of Industrial AI and machine learning enterprise software for industrial companies, leveraging IoT and the industrial internet. Uptake’s AI-powered applications provide actionable insight and create improved productivity, reliability, efficiency, and safety to a global client base across a diverse set of industries. Headquartered in Chicago with presence in Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Melbourne and Dubai, Uptake’s customers leverage sensor-generated data, ambient data, enterprise data, and a variety of relational data, which are then enriched with Uptake’s curated and proprietary data sources, creating newfound efficiencies and competitive advantages. Learn more at www.uptake.com.