Uptake Closes U.S. Offices for Election Day

Uptake has made the decision to close our offices for U.S. Election Day. By offering our U.S. employees this paid day off, we are giving them the time and ease to safely vote. We’re also challenging our team to use this day to volunteer or help others vote.

Why did we make this change? As a company, we take seriously our civic duty and want to support staff to take meaningful action to do the same. Furthermore, this decision reflects our appreciation for living in a country whose framework allows for collective action.

If we reflect back on our foremothers and fathers, they worked incredibly hard to give us privileges, and Election Day we choose bold action in tribute to their efforts and in service to the future generations of our republic.

So, this year, November 3 is a date to be celebrated and an opportunity for our U.S. employees to use their voices to vote.