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AI Solutions for Wind Power

Identify underperformance issues. Prioritize based on value. Drive action with evidence.

Most wind operators leave more than 2% annual energy production (AEP) on the table. Whether you maintain your own wind farm or rely on a service provider, Uptake uses industrial AI to boost AEP through optimized power performance and data-driven maintenance prioritization.

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Maintenance Strategy Engine

Optimize work orders, establish best practices and reduce maintenance spend.


Data Science Studio

Explore your data and create your own custom alerts - no coding necessary.


Advanced Analytics

Failure prediction and anomaly detection for next-level operational excellence.

Impact on Operations

Dynamic risk management. More megawatt hours.

Identify underperforming turbines.

Identify underperforming turbines.

Focus on high-precision alerts filtered for confounding variables like wind direction, air density, and wake effects. Ensure performance engineers don’t have to sift through mountains of data to spot productivity issues. Quickly separate signal from noise by incorporating three performance benchmarks: the design curve, the performance of surrounding peer turbines, and the historical performance each individual turbine.

Prioritize action based on value.

Prioritize action based on value.

Maximize the impact of your operations program by making data-driven decisions. Rank issues by severity and potential megawatt-hour gains. Expand maintenance focus from reliability to power performance, enabling a paradigm shift to capture additional value at stake. Track value results after a fix and identify lost energy trends across the fleet.

Leverage evidence to drive action.

Leverage evidence to drive action.

Dive into supporting evidence to quickly identify root causes of production issues. Improve monitoring of services agreements, and marshal insights to better manage service provider action—or streamline internal operations and maintenance programs. Build trust across the organization and along the value chain by establishing a single source of truth.

Customer Outcomes

Get maximum value out of your wind farm.

Our customers are using our turnkey wind energy analytics to increase annual energy production (AEP), increase turbine days available, and make more accurate power forecasts. Some example impact stories:

by identifying and addressing blade miscalibration

by identifying and addressing blade miscalibration

Using a combination of high-frequency vibration and SCADA data, Uptake is able to detect vibration signatures, tower motions, or underperformance conditions. This has been proven to increase AEP by up to 20% on a single turbine.

by focusing on eliminating underperformance

by focusing on eliminating underperformance

One customer was able to avoid $20,000 per year in lost revenue on a single turbine with Uptake Radar. The analytics models incorporate historical performance data of a turbine, performance data of neighboring turbines, and weather data along with the OEM design curve.

by removing operational constraints

by removing operational constraints

Turbines that are not operating at their full capacity for a given period of time are identified to take action. Uptake’s analytics models integrate data like power, wind speed, blade pitch angle, and rotor speed to determine curtailment, derating, wind sector management, and ALC derating.


Untapped U.S. wind energy enough to power all Chicago homes.

In recent years, wind energy development has experienced significant growth in the U.S. In fact, a record amount of wind energy was produced nationwide in 2016 — up nearly 20 percent from the previous year. This is a positive trend for the renewable energy space and its race to power a brighter, cleaner energy future.

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Press Release

Uptake wins "New Energy Pioneer" award at Bloomberg NEF.

Uptake’s Industrial AI is recognized for revolutionizing the energy sector. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has named us as a New Energy Pioneer for our work to help fuel the transition to a lower carbon economy.

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