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Uptake Rail

Condition monitoring software for railcars.

Uptake’s Industrial AI software configured for rail delivers a comprehensive view into the performance of trains and railcars with powerful software built on world-class data science and machine learning.


Know you can depend on your railcars.

Use real-time insights to know when wheels and brakes need replacement, reducing unplanned downtime and road failures. 

Results & Outcomes

Intelligent, data-driven rail operations.

Fewer network delays, penalties and accidents.

Fewer network delays, penalties and accidents.

Use real-time insights and contextual data to prevent road failures and decrease unplanned downtime for railcars.

Less dwell time. Increased mission readiness.

Less dwell time. Increased mission readiness.

Optimize maintenance schedules to spend less idle time in the yard. Always have the right railcar ready for the mission.

Decrease railcar failures on the track.

Decrease railcar failures on the track.

Predict asset failures before they happen and spend less unplanned downtime in the shop.

Financially optimized maintenance programs.

Financially optimized maintenance programs.

Only make the repairs you need to. Prioritize railcar shop activity based on real-time diagnostics and prognosis.

Customer Case Study

Class I Railway Increases Time Between Unscheduled Maintenance by 34%.

A Class I freight railway saved time and money by partnering with Uptake to automate the organization of often messy and mislabeled maintenance work order data using Uptake Compass. The result was higher-quality cost analysis and a more effective preventative maintenance program. 

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