Predictive Oil & Gas Maintenance

Get more from your plant.

Transform untapped data into proactive business decisions.

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Industrial solutions driven by AI and IoT.

Asset IO gives you a competitive edge by tapping into new gains in productivity with powerful software built on world-class data science and machine learning.


Drive a predictive, more productive business.

Position your business for the future. Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

Improve operational performance and drive revenue.

Improve operational performance and drive revenue.

See all your machine data in one place. Easily identify opportunities to improve asset efficiency and lower maintenance and repair costs.

Ensure efficient repairs and seamless workflows.

Ensure efficient repairs and seamless workflows.

Equip your operators and engineers with the tools they to prevent unplanned downtime, and increase asset availability and reliability.

Reduce lost production opportunity (LPO) events.

Reduce lost production opportunity (LPO) events.

Gain clear insight into performance issues, decreasing catastrophic failures and impact on maintenance labor and costs.

Workforce Benefits

Solve your most pressing business challenges with data-backed decisions.

Empower your teams to make smarter, faster decisions throughout the entire production process. All without disrupting your current systems and workflow.

GM Operations can optimize full operation lifecycle from capital investment and production to commercialization and asset retirement.

Engineers drive overall productivity of facility and improve the effectiveness of asset repairs and troubleshooting.

Operators use a fleet-level view of equipment alerts to reduce unplanned downtime and equipment repair costs.

Turn data into outcomes

Want to increase plant productivity and financially optimize your maintenance?

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