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Maximize the performance of your mobile and fixed assets.

Uptake’s software and industrial content help mining companies achieve the next level of operational excellence. From extraction to hauling to processing, Uptake’s pre-trained analytics are ready to extract the value hidden in your asset data from day one. Let Uptake help you establish a new generation of industrial intelligence to optimize operations, reduce risk, and extend asset life to create a safer and more sustainable operation.

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Maintenance Strategy Engine

Optimize work orders, establish best practices and reduce maintenance spend.


Data Science Studio

Explore your data and create your own custom alerts - no coding necessary.


Advanced Analytics

Failure prediction and anomaly detection for next-level operational excellence.

Results & Outcomes

Data-driven mining operations.

Use world-class data science to produce actionable insights that optimize productivity of your equipment, maximize mineral recovery and reduce fuel and consumable spend.

Increase output and reduce maintenance costs.

Increase output and reduce maintenance costs.

Improve asset availability and extend the life of your equipment – from primary crushers to grinding mills and haul trucks. Use preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance to financially optimize your maintenance strategy. 

Improve mineral recovery and grade throughput.

Improve mineral recovery and grade throughput.

Drive increased throughput of mineral recovery by optimizing the complex interdependent variables in your processing plant. Use AI and machine learning to take proactive, immediate actions that improve throughput and quality.

Reduce fuel cost and consumables spend.

Reduce fuel cost and consumables spend.

Enhance operational visibility and work from a single source of truth view across your organization. Get deeper insights into operational bottlenecks and take data-driven corrective action to reduce operating costs while improving productivity.

Improve technician and service efficiency.

Improve technician and service efficiency.

Predict failures and recommend the prescribed action, driving a precise maintenance and repair event that reduces costs. Ensure your technicians arrive on-site informed with what needs to be fixed, the right tools for the job and the correct spare parts.

Workforce Benefits

Empower your team with data-backed insights.

Enhance operational visibility for all stakeholders and inform smarter, safer decisions.

Operations Managers reduce variability, optimize productivity, minimize costs and improve safety across global mining sites.

Technical Managers improve asset performance, reduce costs, increase recovery from each plant while using less harmful chemicals.

Engineers improve underlying operation productivity and access technology to make the mine operate safely, efficiently and effectively.

C-Suite improves profitability and creates safer work environments while ensuring consistent production and revenue.


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Hear from Uptake’s experts and from luminaries around the industry about how digital transformation is impacting the front lines of the mining sector.


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