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Uptake + ShookIOT

Uptake is honored to add to its portfolio Uptake Fusion, powered by ShookIOT, to bring together Operational Technology (OT), IT and business stakeholders to unlock their time-series data. Within the Transformation and AI movements, Uptake is enabling operational excellence, mine to mill integration and the future of Digital in Metals and Mining. The missing piece of the puzzle has been a secure, cost-effective and rapidly scalable capability to move, store and contextualize OT time-series data from its points of origin to the enterprise.

While several products exist for traditional IT workloads, the OT custodians have typically been overlooked. Therefore, Uptake is excited to offer this software-as-a-service (SaaS) product as a modern approach to unlock the knowledge of engineers, business stakeholders, OT and IT professionals to make the data useful to the corporate masses.


Let Uptake help you establish the next generation of industrial intelligence to optimize maintenance, manage risk, and extend equipment life to create a safer and more sustainable operation.


Optimize asset utilization

Track asset availability, equipment utilization and understand reasons for lost production. Isolate factors that influence yield.


Reduce unplanned downtime

Prioritize asset optimization programs and activities. Specifically, measure equipment use against operating limits to prevent abuse.


Enhance remote operations

Improve collaboration to understand the bottlenecks and monitor expected versus actual ore quality in real-time. Clarify priorities and automate processes to ensure safe, reliable operations.

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Mining Case Study

Uptake creates $28M in value for one of the world's largest copper producers.

The leading copper producer used Uptake Radar to identify nearly $28M in untapped maintenance cost savings. Thanks to increased equipment availability, an estimated additional 4,000 tons of copper can be processed while eliminating over 600 unnecessary maintenance work orders - all because of Uptake’s software insights.

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