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Asset IO for Defense

Industrial solutions driven by AI and IoT.

Governments at all levels operate machines and equipment that drive society forward, safely. AI-driven predictions and recommendations have the power to help defense programs achieve new levels of responsiveness, readiness and efficiency. Asset IO ensures critical assets are always ready to go safely when they’re needed most.


Data-driven readiness and safety.

The world is changing – sheer force isn’t enough. AI and data-backed decision-making are quickly transforming how nations defend themselves, giving the world’s forward-thinkers and strategic innovators an upper hand.

Improve mission readiness and reliability.

Improve mission readiness and reliability.

Make sure assets are always ready for combat by taking precise, proactive measures today that will extend the life and performance of critical equipment and components.

Maximize safety and situational awareness.

Maximize safety and situational awareness.

Ensure field teams can count on vehicles by providing them reliable access to the necessary machines when they need them.

Increase asset health and productivity.

Increase asset health and productivity.

Manage maintenance and repairs more effectively, eliminate unplanned downtime and dynamically adjust to changing operating conditions.

Drive cost-savings across the supply chain.

Drive cost-savings across the supply chain.

Better manage parts inventory and spend by gaining a precise, data-driven understanding of which assets and components need to be fixed and which don’t.


Deploy AI to make smarter tactical decisions.

Empower teams with data-backed predictions and recommendations that eliminate uncertainty and inform smarter, safer decisions.

Program Managers can improve readiness, drive productivity and gain efficiencies through a digitized supply chain.

Tactical Commanders can achieve better situational awareness in theater or combat and ensure critical assets are always ready for warfighters in the field.

Warfighters have access to the right machine at the right time, increasing safety for the entire unit.


U.S. Army to use Uptake’s AI software to increase Bradley Fighting Vehicle readiness.

The U.S. Army will use Uptake’s AI software to increase the readiness of its Bradley Fighting Vehicles and to improve the safety of warfighters in the field. Uptake will help the U.S. Army better prepare for the threats and peacekeeping of tomorrow — today.



AI is a key element of upholding national security.

The global AI race is accelerating. At Uptake, we believe in the power and promise of AI to make societies safer, more reliable and more productive. Through our work in bringing our AI to the heavy industries that build our world and keep it turning, we’re poised to help advance AI efforts both domestically and internationally.



More tech industry collaboration is needed, not less.

Now more than ever, the government and the private sector must partner together to win the AI race.


Defense Innovation Unit

We’re bringing AI to the military.

The DIU featured Uptake at its Startup Showcase where we discussed our work with the U.S. Army and how we’re bringing AI to the Department of Defense.

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