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Uncover new insights to rapidly improve operational systems, reduce downtime and maximize asset lifespan with Uptake. Our products provide your teams with the knowledge they need to deliver ideal outcomes for your constituents.

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You’re only as good as your weakest link.

From the fine-tuning of highly specialized machines to the proactive maintenance of building systems and infrastructure, Uptake will give your teams the insights they need to deliver on their mission—or deliver to your constituents—with confidence. Gain knowledge about all of your fixed and mobile assets to plan for the future by identifying upcoming maintenance needs to improve operational readiness, prevent catastrophic failures, and optimize spending.


Increase asset availability and reliability.

Manage spare vehicles with greater clarity, and reduce costs associated with idling and underutilized equipment. Financially optimize maintenance strategy, applying preventive, predictive and prescriptive supply and maintenance where it drives the most value for the operation.


Turn unplanned maintenance into planned maintenance.

Bundle repairs together to minimize shop visits and maximize time on the road, reducing the operational impact of unplanned downtime. Reduce diagnostic downtime by knowing precisely when an asset will need to be evaluated. Analyze trends in equipment failure to more quickly understand and address asset-wide impact.


Optimize labor and energy costs.

Easily integrate Uptake products into existing workflow to see results faster. Ensure facilities are operating at peak efficiency, reducing the need for overtime or resources for unplanned downtime. Streamline (and in some cases, remove) the manual diagnostic process, while simultaneously reducing total cost of ownership.


Provide services with confidence.

A 20% reduction in breakdowns means increased reliability and performance—making for a more predictable, projectable future. Greater visibility into your assets’ health helps you make better decisions that can lead to improved services to residents even when budgets are constrained.

Federal (Civilian), State, and Local Products


Empower your team with new knowledge that increases efficiency, optimizes resources, and supports operational readiness.