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AI Solutions for Energy

The power sector is changing. Make sure you’re ready.

The power market is undergoing a rapid transition driven by new energy types, changing distribution models and shifts in supply and demand. Stay ahead by engaging AI to make your power/utility business more dynamic, resilient and sustainable.


Financially optimize asset performance across the energy value chain with AI.

Whether you’re an independent power producer or utility, Uptake enables you to improve the productivity of existing thermal and grid assets. Leverage the power of AI to control your costs, increase power production and improve your bottom line.


Reduction in operations and maintenance (O&M) costs for a leading U.S. utility.


Save as much as $4M annually for a typical 500 MW CC Gas plant.


Save as much as $7.2M annually for an average coal-fired plant.

Drive more value with AI.

Get full visibility into how asset-centric decisions impact your energy value chain.

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Financial Outcomes

Increase plant reliability and meet power KPIs.

Maximize your thermal investments and drive more continuous power production by using AI and data-driven insights to reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs across your business.


Lower your O&M spend by reducing labor and services as much as 20%.

Create financially optimized maintenance strategies for all assets, whether they’re connected or not. Prioritize tasks that deliver the highest ROI and extend asset life.


Cut your parts and inventory costs by as much as 25%.

Ensure you have the right parts on hand and the right repair resources available. Extend the life of your assets by maintaining them based on actual conditions, instead of OEM guidelines.


Reduce your unplanned downtime by as much as 20%.

Predict and prevent downtime before it happens. Root-cause analysis pinpoints the exact sources of future problems — so you can address before those issues turn into costly lost production.


How Ameren saved more than $500,000 annually with AI-driven insights.

Learn how Ameren used a new approach — Industrial AI — to provide data-driven insights that help inform cost-optimized maintenance strategies.

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More megawatts, less downtime.

Whether you maintain your own assets or use a service provider, Uptake uses Industrial AI to reduce unplanned downtime and boost AEP of your entire wind farm.


Berkshire Hathaway Energy saved $250K in one week.


Save up to $2.4M annually in onshore power for an average 500 MW Wind Farm.


Save up to $3.2M annually in offshore power for an average 500 MW Wind Farm.

Drive more value with AI.

Get full visibility into how asset-centric decisions impact fleet productivity and power forecasts.

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Financial Outcomes

Get more clarity into how your fleet is performing.

Improve your annual energy production, increase turbine days available and make more accurate power forecasts. All by leveraging the power of AI.


Increase annual energy production as much as 2%.

Use advanced power-curve analysis to monitor turbine performance. Identify poor performing turbines and easily take action or alert your service provider.


Enable up to 5% greater dispatch commit.

Make wind variability a non-issue. Get more accurate hour-ahead, intra-day, day-ahead and week-ahead forecasts with real-time analytics.


Increase turbine days available as much as 10%.

Use predictive insights to help you spot impending failures and reduce downtime across your fleet.

Customer Case Study

How Berkshire Hathaway Energy saved $250,000 in week one.

One week after deploying Uptake, BHE leveraged AI to detect a wind turbine equipment problem that left untreated, would have cost MidAmerican Energy Company significant time and money.

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Uptake wins “New Energy Pioneer” award at Bloomberg NEF.

Uptake’s Industrial AI is recognized for revolutionizing the energy sector. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has named us as a 2019 New Energy Pioneer for our work to help fuel the transition to a lower carbon economy.


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