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Within the ever-changing global landscape, you are evolving your Digital Programs such as Industry 4.0, Digital Oilfield, and/or Refinery of the Future with an eye toward continuous improvement and operational excellence. If you are seeking a helping hand, be confident that Uptake can assist to reduce the time and complexity with our proven product portfolio. 

Your stress can be reduced by simply taking advantage of any one of our accelerators consisting of our enterprise data store, Asset Strategy Library® (ASL), integrated maintenance workflows, and world-class data science. All are supported by the latest OT/IT architecture thoughtfully engineered to optimize your real-time, design and transactional data.

Uptake + ShookIOT

Uptake is honored to add to its portfolio Uptake Fusion, powered by ShookIOT, to bring together Operational Technology (OT), IT and business stakeholders to unlock their time-series data. Within the chemical, oil & gas Digital Transformation and AI movements, the missing piece of the puzzle has been a secure, cost-effective and rapidly scalable capability to move, store and contextualize OT time-series data from its points of origin to the enterprise. 

While several products exist for traditional IT workloads, the OT custodians have typically been overlooked. Therefore, Uptake is excited to offer this software-as-a-service (SaaS) product as a modern approach to unlock the knowledge of engineers, business stakeholders, OT and IT professionals to make the data useful to the corporate masses.

Operational Benefits

Manage risks. Optimize costs. Increase revenue assurance.

Cost effectively acquire, organize, synthesize and distribute your OT and IT data at scale.

Understand your gaps and how to fix them.

Understand your gaps and how to fix them.

Gain clear insight into performance issues and decrease the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

Free your OT information without sacrificing data integrity.

Free your OT information without sacrificing data integrity.

Securely move, store, and contextualize your time-series data to unlock deep advanced analytics by leveraging elastic storage in the cloud.

Improve operational excellence.

Improve operational excellence.

Execute your business strategy with all of your data at your fingertips to more confidently make decisions about the allocation of your resources.

Workforce Benefits

Empower your team with data-backed AI/ML predictions and recommendations that greatly reduce uncertainty.

Automation Leaders

Automation Leaders

Extend secure OT data usage within and across sites to optimize control, safety and maintenance processes.

Maintenance Leaders

Maintenance Leaders

Optimize time, money, and people while ensuring that the right maintenance is being done at the right time.

Directors of Engineering

Directors of Engineering

Improve underlying organizational productivity to empower sites to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively.

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