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IoT Building Operations Solutions

Intelligent, data-driven building services.

Uptake’s Industrial AI software configured for building management aggregates machine data from critical assets across your facilities and uses data science models to deliver actionable insights. The result: valuable outcomes that matter for your business. Improve building operations, minimize unplanned downtime and financially optimize maintenance schedules.

Results and Outcomes

A better workplace experience.

Get a single view of all your systems, across all your facilities.

Optimize energy consumption and spend.

Optimize energy consumption and spend.

Better manage energy throughout your facilities. Use data from HVAC, boilers, water heaters, pumps and air handling units to optimize building performance and energy usage during peak usage hours.

Improve the availability of critical assets in your buildings.

Improve the availability of critical assets in your buildings.

Get detailed insights into every asset across all your facilities. Reduce unplanned downtime with real-time insight into machine health. Replace parts before they break. Get data on machines that don’t have sensors with our Asset Strategy Library™.

Financially optimize maintenance programs.

Financially optimize maintenance programs.

Reduce labor costs with proactive, data-driven maintenance. Normalize machine data to get clarity on what needs to be repaired and when.

Workforce Benefits

Easier, smarter facilities management.

Head of Operations and Maintenance reduces unplanned downtime and flips maintenance from reactive to proactive, saving time and money.

Facility Managers improve energy usage and distribution, optimize building performance and boost occupant comfort.

Engineering Analysts improve underlying operation productivity and access technology to improve building safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Turn data into outcomes

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