Spend less time on the ground.

Transform aircraft maintenance and operations with data science.

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Industrial solutions driven by AI and IoT.

Uptake’s Industrial AI software configured for aviation gives you clear visibility into your data, with powerful software built on world-class data science and machine learning. Save money and create efficiencies on the ground, in the hangar and in the air.

Results & Outcomes

Protect your most critical assets.

Uptake paints a comprehensive picture of asset health, reducing unplanned downtime and saving time and money.

Improve the reliability and availability of aircraft.

Improve the reliability and availability of aircraft.

Asset failures cause costly aircraft-on-ground scenarios. We help prevent and predict downtime with our failure-prediction engine, combing through through massive amounts of historical data to find intricate correlations that can predict future asset breakdowns.

Predict downtime and accelerate turn time.

Predict downtime and accelerate turn time.

Ensure the right equipment, people and information are easily accessible at all times. Use data-backed decisions to prioritize your maintenance schedule based on overall impact to your operations.

Financially optimize asset strategy.

Financially optimize asset strategy.

Get more accurate lease residual value. Automatically track historical maintenance and operational asset data to determine the value of major components. Ensure the valuation of the aircraft is always accurate upon lease return. 

Workforce Benefits

Empower your teams with data-driven decision making.

Production Planning and Control gains better visibility into airline operations, reduces unplanned downtime and improves maintenance schedules and workloads.

Maintenance Teams leverage historical and real-time machine data to better manage airworthiness of aircraft, make repairs more efficiently and improve aircraft availability.

Aircraft lessors decrease downtime between leases and smoothly transition updates for the new lessee.

Turn data into outcomes

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