800 gigawatts of wind power will be installed by 2021. How much will you generate?

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341,320 wind turbines are spinning around the world. It's time to make them produce more megawatts.

Uptake Wind translates the story your turbine data is telling you, creating a single, clear view of your operations. Catch turbine problems before they happen. Get recommendations on what to do next. Streamline work. Improve reliability and productivity. Save time and money.

Above statistics: Global Wind Energy Council


Where wind energy
gets smarter.

Uptake Wind translates data into actionable insights that help wind industry professionals work better, smarter and faster.

Go from data to results, immediately.

Go from data to results, immediately.

From turbine technicians to the C-suite, Uptake Wind uses machine learning and predictive analytics to identify failures before they happen and recommend actions that increase uptime and productivity.

Get results on all turbine brands.

Get results on all turbine brands.

All turbines. All systems. One view. We eliminate the cost and complexity of integrating point solutions, turning industrial IoT data into revenue-generating opportunities. Wind teams and turbines from any OEM run better.

Get smarter over time.

Get smarter over time.

Uptake Wind makes your teams and data smarter. The predictions we deliver get increasingly accurate over time with every single input we take in. We serve one interest: the truth.

Results & Outcomes

Always run two steps ahead.

Uptake Wind leverages data to identify actionable opportunities that drive profit.

Prevent downtime.

Prevent downtime.

Flip your operations from reactive to proactive. Resolve problems faster with prognostic and diagnostic information.

Increase asset reliability.

Increase asset reliability.

Prioritize repairs based on criticality. Predict failures and prescribe specific instructions to remedy emerging problems.

Improve asset service.

Improve asset service.

Dispatch maintenance crews at the right times with the right information and tools to keep your wind turbines running and in optimal condition.

Workforce Benefits

Empower your team to
work smarter.

Arm your team with actionable, data-backed insights to maximize energy production.

Technicians execute repairs and scheduled maintenance faster, with fewer visits to turbines.

Site Managers easily monitor wind farm status and health, optimizing repairs and maintenance.

Engineering Analysts uncover fleet-wide or lone turbine performance issues, notifying sites of needed action.

Managers and Executives monitor fleet-wide KPIs, enabling strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Wind energy development has grown dramatically in the United States, but there remains significant...

Untapped Energy

The industry can and will have to produce more energy from the turbines already installed by eliminating avoidable downtime. This report outlines how much energy there is and how to tap into it.

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Turn data into outcomes.

Uptake's products do more than solve the wind energy industry's most challenging problems. They create new opportunities that haven't existed before.

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