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Global energy consumption will
grow 48% by 2040.
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Bring your oil and gas business into the future with predictive analytics.

Uptake's products give you a competitive edge by tapping into previously inaccessible data reserves and extracting actionable insights.

We leverage our advanced data science and machine learning to create predictive oil and gas operations - increasing process safety and reliability, and optimizing in-service costs.

Above statistic: U.S. Energy Information Administration


Want to optimize your operations, start to finish?

Uptake combines enterprise oil and gas data with machine learning to uncover untapped insights.

Create safer operations.

Create safer operations.

Process safety is industry-critical. Leverage your data to improve the integrity and reliability of your assets.

Predict the future.

Predict the future.

Eliminate reactionary monitoring. Use predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent downtime.

Empower your workforce.

Empower your workforce.

Solve complex operational challenges. Arm operators and engineers with knowledge to impact the bottom line.

Make smarter decisions.

Make smarter decisions.

Reduce operational costs by using data-backed insights to make smarter, faster decisions.

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Turn data into outcomes.

Uptake's products do more than solve the oil and gas industry's most challenging problems. They create new opportunities that haven't existed before.

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