Transform mining from pit to port. Extract more value from ore.

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Insights are buried in your silos of data.

From machines to minerals, your data should go beyond static snapshots. Act on data-driven recommendations to run better than ever before.

Our machine learning and predictive analytics maximize the value of your data in the mines, during transport and throughout processing.


The Mining Digital Transformation Podcast

Hear from innovators across the mining industry as they dig deep into how technology is redefining the future of this centuries-old business.



Harness your data
to move mountains.

Leverage underutilized data to improve planning and execution. Perform to your full potential and think beyond nameplate capacity.

See the future.

See the future.

Improve asset performance. Avoid disruptions with predictive condition monitoring.

Drive more value.

Drive more value.

Get more value from your capital assets across multiple sites around the world.

Offer a safer environment.

Offer a safer environment.

Create a safer working environment for teams spanning the entire mining ecosystem.

Results & Outcomes

Extract more value from
your data. Scale your productivity and reliability.

Make better-informed decisions. Manage your schedule, workforce and assets with confidence.

Improved productivity and output across mining sites.

Improved productivity and output across mining sites.

Increase asset availability and utilization for greater productivity. Manage environmental and operational variability more effectively. Improve plan compliance so miners execute as close to projections as possible. 

Smarter orchestration of transporting minerals.

Smarter orchestration of transporting minerals.

Reduce demurrage costs by improving asset reliability and geolocational clarity. Ensure your equipment operates at peak performance. Maximize your asset efficiency by improving routes and fuel consumption.

Better results at processing facilities with actionable insights.

Better results at processing facilities with actionable insights.

Maximize your recovery throughput while reducing the variability of your mineral composition. Increase the availability and utilization of your assets with predictive conditioning monitoring.

Workforce Benefits

Dig in and empower your team to work smarter and safer.

Give workers data-backed recommendations that eliminate uncertainty and inform smarter decisions.

Operations Managers reduce variability, optimize productivity, minimize costs and improve safety across global mining sites.

Technical Managers improve asset performance, reduce costs, increase recovery from each plant and use less harmful chemicals.

Engineers improve underlying operation productivity and access technology to make the mine operate seamlessly, effectively and safely.

C-Suite Executives improve the bottom line and create safer work environments. They ensure predictable production and revenue.

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